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Programme of Activities


We make it happen…

Our SSC Experiences Programme offers a wide range of activities.  Why not opt for an activity which complements your courses or enhances your future employment and higher education opportunities? Or you could try something completely different and discover a new talent!


Get Physical

  • Badminton
    Badminton is a fast-growing Olympic sport so come along and develop your Badminton skills with an experienced Everton in the Community coach.
  • Basketball (Centre of Excellence)
    As a member of the college Basketball Centre of Excellence, you will work with coach extraordinaire, Pierre Boudin, on an intensive training and coaching programme as part of your programme of study.
  • Dance
    Get fit, have fun, learn a new skill or develop your existing talents. Dance classes are delivered by an experienced teacher and suited to all abilities.
  • Fitness
    Improve your general fitness in the gym at Litherland Sports’ Park.
  • Five-a-side Football
    The college Five-a-side League is made up of student and staff teams and fixtures take place in the Sports’ Hall on Monday 3.15-4.15 pm. Everyone welcome.
  • SSC Football Team/‘Just turn up and play’ – 5-a-side football
    South Sefton College Football Team gives you the opportunity to visit other colleges in the local area and play competitive games. Training sessions take place on Tuesday 3.15-4.15 pm with fixtures on Wednesday afternoons.
    If the College Team is not for you and you want to play football just for fun, then you can sign up to play 5-a-side games and have the opportunity to work with County FA coaches and local club Remyka FC at Litherland Sports’ Park.
  • Rugby
    Rugby training takes place every Monday at 3.15 pm with a RFU coach. You will be part of a regional league and have opportunities to play matches against other schools or colleges and participate in tournaments as well as work with coaches from Waterloo Rugby Club.
  • Table Tennis
    Learn new skills or develop your existing talents, have fun and make friends with this established Olympic sport.

Culture Vultures

  • Arts Award
    Arts Explore Award is an exciting way to develop your creative side and a great opportunity if you don’t study Art as a subject to develop your artistic talents and gain an Art qualification. You will experiment with different media and have the chance to attend an art gallery, exhibition or event.
  • Band from Everywhere

    ‘I’m not a musician, I just play in a band.’ Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones)

    Band from Everywhere welcomes players and performers of all abilities and experience levels, from beginners to virtuosos! We are looking for people excited about working together to rehearse, play live and work with an established record producer. Whether you are in a band already or ready to team up with others to form one in the first session, all groups will contribute material to a live performance.

  • Book Club
    Indulge your love of reading and discover writers you may not have read before in the company of other enthusiasts. Want to know more? Follow us @SSSFCBookClub.
  • Chess Club
    Chess club is open to players of all abilities. If you’ve never played chess before then you’ll have a chance to learn how to play and begin to develop your tactical skills. Or you can come along and show off your strategic mastery of the game.
  • Creative Writing
    Suitable for the nervous beginner to the confidently experienced. From a starting point of poetry, there will be opportunities to explore other forms of writing including flash fiction, scripts, short stories and song lyrics.
    Whilst the atmosphere is welcoming and fun, the aim is learn new skills and push creative boundries to produce high quality work. There will also be advice on how to submit work to competitions, journals etc.
  • Drama Production
    If you are a budding performer or have an interest in Drama, you can audition for the college production. You will develop the confidence to perform in front of an audience and work hard as part of a committed and enthusiastic team. You need to enjoy being centre-stage and you must be committed to rehearsals and lots of hard work. The play to be performed will be announced in September and parts will be cast based on auditions.
  • Film Club
    Interested in film criticism and film history? We view influential movies and write film reviews. So, if you love film and hate people who use their mobile phones in the cinema then this is the club for you.
  • Knitting
    Learn a new skill and get creative whilst developing the manual dexterity of a surgeon!
  • LoLa (Love Languages)
    Fond of French? Devoted to Spanish? Then, LoLa is the project for you! LoLa, or the Love Languages Project, is an intensive programme of language enhancement designed to enable you to develop your knowledge of languages whilst cultivating invaluable skills for university or the world of work. As well as promoting our love of languages within schools, you will also have the unique opportunity to undertake a foreign language work experience placement, expand your knowledge of other languages, gain additional qualifications and work with local university lecturers.
    What are you waiting for? If you dream of living and working abroad, LoLa will help you to get one step ahead of the game!
  • Photography
    Work with a professional photographer to develop your skills and creativity. Using your own camera, you will share photographs with others to develop your appreciation of this art form.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
    This prestigious programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities is available at three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold. You can choose from a range of activities including voluntary work in the community or sport and, for the Gold Award, take part in a residential expedition. You’ll pick up experiences, friends and skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. So, what are you waiting for?

Health and Well-being

  • First Aid
    Working with the highly experienced Peers & Rooney Training, you will gain a practical qualification along with invaluable life-saving skills.
  • Sign Language
    After a big campaign, British Sign Language (BSL) was finally recognised by the UK government as an official minority language in 2003. Learn how to communicate in this beautiful language whilst gaining a useful qualification.
  • Voluntary Work – Rowan Park
    Join our committed and enthusiastic team of volunteers and an equally committed and enthusiastic group of young people from Rowan Park to organise and participate in a range of activities and events. This is a great experience for anyone wanting to pursue a career in one of the caring professions.
  • Yoga
    De-stress and get fit while you learn an ancient art form that will improve your body, mind and soul.

Working World

  • Business Enterprise
    Business Enterprise is ideal for all budding ‘Young Apprentices’ who want to commit to working with a team to set up a real company. Develop your entrepreneurial skills by tackling real problems to turn a profit!
  • Charity Group
    If there are things which concern you in the world, such as, health, poverty, homelessness, you can make a difference by being involved in raising awareness and money to support others. The Charity Group aims to establish links with charitable organisations and then support them through college fund-raising activities.
  • Citizenship/Bar Mock Trial Competition
    The Bar Mock Trial Competition, run in partnership with the Bar Council, gives young people an exciting insight into the workings of the legal system. It de-mystifies the justice system for young people, giving them knowledge, skills and confidence.Students, aged 15-18 years, work in teams to defend and prosecute two specially written criminal cases, developing their advocacy, communication and other employability and social skills. Students take on the roles of barristers/advocates, witnesses, court staff and jurors and their performances are judged by real judges and senior barristers.Preparation for the mock trial competition is supported by local barristers/ advocates mentoring their team. The competition is not just aimed at students studying Law but is a great way to develop confidence, team working skills and to have fun learning about the justice system.  See http://www.lawinschools.org.uk/resources/bar-mock-trial-competition for more information or /contact Janet Dumican (janet.dumican@sssfc.ac.uk)

  • Voluntary Work/Work Experience
    You can tailor your work experience to suit your future university or employment plans.

Science and Technology

  • Computer Programming
    This course covers introductory programming skills and helps to develop creative thinking. You will design, develop and create “one of a kind” computer programmes.
  • Flash Animation
    Animation is used extensively in today’s digital world, from simple web-page banners to cartoon creation. You will learn how to make media-rich illustrations that can be used in a variety of digital applications.